About Us

Hello, and welcome to Cerebral Cellar!  If you have somehow managed to stumble upon us with zero context, we are a Table-Top Game Design and Publishing company!

We are currently working on our first game, and would love to talk about it!  To find the Print&Play head over to the Forum.

There is also a blog about Games, Gameification, and Life in general, so please explore, and reach out if you see anything you like!  We also take constructive criticism if this site has elicited a less satisfactory reaction.

Cerebral Cellar is made up by equal partners James Schoenster and Chase Staub.

P.S.  Please forgive us for the mismatching text colors to the background.  Word Press (how a simple man makes a website) demands that we pay for an upgrade to allow for further customization.  Any alternative to that would be accepted graciously, but for now we will make due!

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