A Subliminal Link – Battlerite

While I wouldn’t consider myself a “hard-core” video-gamer, I definitely tend to find time during every week to play.

One such game I recently have enjoyed is Battlerite.  It is a 2v2 or 3v3 skirmish that has a nice slew of hero’s to choose from.  Think, League of Legends only without the minions or towers.  If you aren’t familiar with League, it is like a boxing match where the boxers can shoot laser beams, or tunnel underground.  The best part about it, is it is FREE!

It has a way to buy all the characters, but you get some for free and can build up in-game points to buy more.  That gives it some great staying power!

I will talk about this game more in the future, so I want to focus on one aspect that really attracted me.  The small sided teams.

2v2 and 3v3 allow you to pair up with the closest of friends and really test your mettle.  There is very little left to random chance, as all abilities require you use “skill shots.”  Actually having your mouse pointing at the right direction, or at least have your avatar in the right location.  This means losing is very much on you and your teams shoulders.

In games that require more players, it is often easy to shift accountability around until nobody really knows what truly went wrong, or feels they have a firm grasp on what they can do better.

Not Battlerite.  Chase and I manage to discuss strategy after every lost round with accountability and actionable…actions.

Being able to give and receive constructive criticism is tough.  Even tougher when the next round is in 10 seconds!  Chase and I have developed a familiarity with each other’s gaming style so much so that we can do several things:

  1. No pretense of “so-and-so isn’t that good”
    Meaning, we both know the other player is a decent player, or at least respect his level given the time he has committed to this game.  If we are lopsided in a specific game, it is easy to discuss as we don’t tie our abilities in one particular game to the worth of the other person.
    Ultimately, we both agree it is better to have played together and have lost, than to not have played together at all.
  2. Respecting the difference in style
    Chase and I play games both very similar and different in many ways.  Just because I prefer the “get in your face and smash them up” characters, and he prefers the “Dodgy counter and combo” choice doesn’t mean the other is wrong.  In fact, our complimenting styles often help us develop balanced strategy.
  3. Knowing when to Zig, and when to Zag
    This is something I don’t know how to teach, or hardly even explain.  In the heat of a battle, when both of us duck out at exactly the same time to regroup that synchronization is a beautiful thing.  Most of it comes from knowing each other literally our whole lives, but some of it is just in the way we work together.  If you watch Olympic Figure Skating, the partners will all talk about chemistry.  Yet, some have only skated together a few years.  How to develop this chemistry is something I hope to dive into further!

In summary, these qualities result in some good victories for our duo.  If we add other friends who also have these qualities the fun doesn’t fade!

Do you play games with someone who always knows how you will make your moves?

Does someone in your life constantly confound you?

Leave a comment if you want to share!

-James Schoenster
Co-founder of Cerebral Cellar




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