Final Four Sentences – March Madness

March  Madness is reaching it’s peak, and in the spirit of “It comes down to this” I will give my four sentence takes on each Final Four team.

If you have been following closely I hope you enjoy my attempt at condensing the miles of analysis that has already been done better than my little eye test, and if you are new to this whole College Basketball thing perhaps I can give you a talking point while over 20 million people tune in.

Loyola University Chicago – Loyola Ramblers:
Only the 4th 11-seed to make the final four since the expansion to 64 teams 33 tournaments ago.  40+ teams out of the entire 64 had better regular seasons this year, yet winning a conference tournament gave these kids a chance.  Sister Jean, the schools now famous Chaplin, watched her school win the national championship back in 1963.  Something about Catholics and College Basketball just mixes, so watch out for this underdog!

University of Michigan – Michigan Wolverines
Off to a rough start in the regular season these guys were left out of the upper echelon of teams until their conference tournament.  They won their second Big Ten tournament in a row, and was able to keep that momentum to carry them past the Sweet Sixteen roadblock of 2017 right on to the Final Four.  This team is red hot and the right time, and have had convincing wins in both tournaments averaging 11.6 points ahead at the whistle.  This streak has included Purdue, Michigan State, Florida State and Houston (while much closer) as testament to their voracity

Villanova University – Villanova Wildcats.
This medium sized Pennsylvania school has looked a lock to win the ting most of the year.  They got knocked out early last year after winning it all in 2016 and now they are playing the most solid of any the Final Four teams.  With a sure-fire talent in Jalen Brunson these cats look hard to stop.  Nearly 15% of all brackets picked them to win, so can they finish it once again?

University of Kansas – Kansas Jayhawks
The undisputed best team in the Big 12 bagged it’s 14th straight regular season title, topped off by another Big 12 tournament win.  This team was said to be one of the worst Kansas teams in a while early in the year, but that just can’t hold water any longer.  Taking out strong teams like Clemson, and Duke to get a shot against Villanova is just what Kansas does.  Can Devonte’ Graham and his coach Bill Self find the answer in a heavy weight showdown?

That’s it!  Feel free to chime in, disagree, or change the subject!

-James Schoenster
Co-founder of Cerebral Cellar


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