Don’t Spoil the Broth – Marvel/General

The new Marvel Comic Book Universe movie “Infinity Wars” is coming out soon, and the hype is rising!  I am a huge fan of Marvel movies, and this one is shaping up to be a doozie!
So much so, that the director released a public service announcement to deter anyone from spoiling the film’s plot.

I hate spoilers.  Oh so very much.  In fact I spent the better part of my Saturday morning screaming into a pillow because of it.
I love Liverpool football club, and was anticipating their match against Crystal Palace which I had on record (I only get up for 7:30AM kick-off if it is a massive fixture).  I rolled out of bed, and as usual checked my phone.  The game’s final score was the first thing that greeted me!
I was livid, and promptly have set my phone to never send me sports notifications again.

The world has its fair share of nasty people, and my conniption would bring them some twisted satisfaction if they were the ones responsible.  I hope the Marvel announcement does what it was intended to do, and not act as a challenge to these trolls.

Most people are very aware of the “suckiness” of spoilers, and are extremely good at watching their words.  Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and other TV shows that make their way into conversation at the office or the bar are quite susceptible to spoilers.  However, I’ve heard more “encrypted” conversations about these shows than actual spoilers, so I have hope for humanity!

To wrap this into a “games” theme, consider the opportunity for spoilers in games.  Typically it is associated with cheating (peaking at the top card on your deck for example).  I also have had players at a Poker table forget to burn a card before dealing out the flop in Texas Hold’em.

It is important to distinguish between accidental spoilers and intentional.  I must work on having patience for the accidents (nobody likes playing games with you if you tell them off for every error).

Even if you think it will be great for a laugh we must recognize some people are more invested in certain things to varying degrees, and if “Snape kills Dumbledore” means nothing to you, please don’t think it means nothing to others.

If you still feel the need to spoil things I hope Thanos does indeed pay you a visit.

-James Schoenster
Co- founder of Cerebral Cellar

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