A Sailor’s Life for Me – The Fat Catz/Running a Business

This weekend I had the opportunity to catch a show performed by none other than The Fat Catz!  I used to play with these guys so I am clearly biased, but they put on an entertaining show!  The stage was set at the Maple Street Tavern in Graham North Carolina, and the guys were ready to go.

But getting started was a bit rough.  There were equipment failures that would wait until the band hit a good groove and well… womp womp…

While Friday the 13th was an amazing scapegoat, the fact remains that these sort of difficulties are something an upstart project just has to take in stride.  To the Catz credit, they did exactly that!  After it was finally resolved, a few minutes later you wouldn’t have known they had any trouble at all.

Check out a poorly recorded teaser here.  You can find their other material on Spotify and Youtube but like their page too!

Truth is, running a creative project is going to take an immense amount of flexibility and thinking on your feet.  Especially if you are new to the industry and are just trying to make it on your own!

I always liked to compare it to sailing a ship that takes an entire crew on your own.  Hoisting the main sail is rather difficult when you have your hands full steering.  We have to throw some of that water off the deck, but quickly patch up that hole first!  That passing ship won’t know if I am friendly if I don’t have a flag flying, but it’s much more important I know which direction to go… How does this navigation device work again?  Here comes a storm, better lower all the sails before the wind picks u-AH MY SPEAKER BLEW!

You get the picture.

The delicate balancing act never ends.  Keeping a healthy perspective on things can keep you straight, but there will be lapses of sanity and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help!

This experience is not for everyone.  I for one feed off the rush, but sometimes I get myself in over my head.  Set yourself up for success by practicing good use of organizational tools and establishing a routine.  Take advantage of all those salty captains out there with vast swaths of knowledge.  Most of them are happy to tell tales of their triumphs and failures for nothing in return but your enthusiasm!

Ultimately, arriving at your destination tastes just that much sweeter when you know it was a result of your very own hard work.  At least, I hope it will.  I’ll let you know when I get there.

-James Schoenster
Co-founder of Cerebral Cellar


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