Power to the People! – Gamification Discussion #2

Yesterday I took a stroll over to my FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) and found some golden examples of empowerment.  One of the key types of incentive we mentioned in my first discussion.

I should admit that currently it is a very one-sided discussion, and perhaps I need to work on empowering my readers…

Anyway, after walking in and wandering around staring at boxes for a few minutes I approached the friendly staff.  Within minutes of discussing why I was there (my prototypes required some old TCG backs as they are larger than typical playing cards) we were in earnest discussion about both of our attempts at designing games!

Based on some persuasive praise that sounded a lot like “I like this one” combined with the gorgeous art by Sabrina Miramon and I was sold.  Photosynthesis was on its way home with me, and I couldn’t have been more stoked.

Now for the cherry on the icing of the triple chocolate ice-cream cake (too thick?).  He sent me off with more than enough free old cards with one instruction “come back with that prototype, I want to play your game.”

I think I skipped out of the store.

By simply recognizing that I didn’t need to be convinced very much, he was able to make the experience even better through empowerment.  Without a doubt I will return, and perhaps in greater numbers!

The gift of empowerment doesn’t even have to be material like free stuff.  You can empower people through words!  Sometimes even something you hear from a stranger can truly brighten your day, and at what cost to the stranger?

There is naturally a negative side to this, and I’ll touch on that when we get around to “black hat” core drives.  If you want to skip ahead, I didn’t write the book.

But today everything is great, and all is well!  We can create inspiration and motivation in people we root for.  Dust off their shoulder when they fall, or hold the ladder while they climb.  What goes around comes around, and maybe random guy at bar #247 will save a life because he felt just a little more confident in himself that week.

Empowerment in the right hands can make some incredible things happen.  Timing is extremely important, because it has to be from a very sincere place to have the best effects.  Go give somebody you know an “Ata-boy” a “You go girl!” or “Give um hell!”  It could be just the boost they need, and you wouldn’t even know it.

-James Schoenster
Co-founder of Cerebral Cellar




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