“Here come old flat-top, he come grooving slowly” – Building a Community/Disco Risque

It is quite difficult to live modern life without having several different pockets of people you interact with on a weekly or maybe monthly basis.

Even if you work from home you likely have to communicate and coordinate with several different people.  Who do you see consistently at the gym?  Be it the guys at the bar, or your rag-tag gaming squad we designate groups of people and associate them with what we do around them.

This compartmentalization I think helps me stay sane because I find myself meeting lots of people, but I would guess it works on a smaller scale too.

If you want to make a successful living doing something like performing, designing games, or selling homes you need to have a lot of contacts.  So I am going to talk about these pockets of communities under the assumption you are trying to maximize the number your bandwidth allows.  It is not all about having the most contacts, but who they are and what role you play for them matters too.  There is a bit of efficiency to it.

Here is an example:

This weekend I got to witness my favorite local band Disco Risqué win a contest to play at the LOCKN’ Festival nearby by getting enough votes from people at the show.  They are beautifully nasty, deliciousness in the airwaves, and they deserve to be on the playlist of any muther-rocker with a pulse.

Music can get a bit subjective, so I apologize if my over-enthusiasm doesn’t groove with your tastes.  That isn’t why I think Disco won the contest anyway.

Here’s the the rub.
With as much grace as you can imagine, the band members themselves drove a few Van fulls of us local yocals to the show.  I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but the DR nation willed these fine gentleman to glorious triumph!  A nation I will quickly point out was built by those very same gentleman.

Between the 4 members of the band I imagine each of them brought representatives from several pockets of fans.  Even just in our ride we had several people who had only the band in common.  Hadn’t even bumped into each other at a show (I am hard to miss, so maybe that feeling was one-sided…).

We all came together to support the artistry, but the members of the band foster something even beyond that.  The love for them as people just exudes towards them on and off the stage.

If you are passionate about something you are creating, make sure to realize you are representing that thing in all that you do.  I think this adds a little incentivized spin to the Golden Rule.

Apply yourself in this way to just about any activity (even a wilderness hiker could have a huge Instagram following), and put yourself out there!  See which pockets go well, and don’t feel bad kindly not associating with others that aren’t your speed.  There are enough people out there that a little bit of selectivity wouldn’t hurt.

Before you know it, you’ll wish you had fewer enticing opportunities.

-James Schoenster
Co-founder of Cerebral Cellar



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