Tantalizing Title – Timing

As I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breathe for an answer, I haven’t posted in a while because I wanted to time this post better.  Tuesday posts just get much more attention, so I wanted to wait and just hold on to this one for a spell.

Hello the future!

The next couple of weeks are going to be relatively busy, so having content made while I have time is important.

But enough about me.  I wanted to talk about timing.

A one time slap shot, letting the beat drop, catching enough air off the kick, or landing the game winning spell.  Each of these require mastery of timing.

Timing also comes into play when explaining to a co-worker that we do “X” task slightly different, reminding your partner that we need to pick up flea medication for the cat, and especially when proposing.

I feel much more comfortable with one over the other, and through some miracle I have a wife who would Love to explain further.

The first batch is what I would consider physical in nature.  While Ovechkin and Tony Hawk are certainly near the pinnacle of their respective talents, it really still just boils down to a few simple actions:

Stick strikes puck, jump, land combo, increase tempo until momentarily stopping followed by picking up a new beat.

Piece of cake.

Which, also requires physical timing and creating a piece of cake requires more skill than the idiom implies.

Considering I am using it sarcastically though, it could mean…

Nevermind…  Sorry.


The second form is where I fail over and over again, but is oh so very important to ensure a well rounded lifestyle that I must never quite learning from my mistakes and (hopefully) improving over time!

The trick is this version of timing requires you consider an entirely separate mind.

To call this “daunting” undersells it if you ask me.

Perception is easy to consider when it is only your own.  Maybe you miss something out the corner of your eye now and again, but for the most part you can describe what you are seeing, hearing, tasting, and it is easy for you to recall these experiences when you consider those descriptions.

Every time I keep my head down, and strike the ball with this part of my foot by swinging my leg about this hard the ball will sail to the side of the goal only about 2-3ft off the ground.  If you track it, you can find (within some statistical range) what angle you swing, precisely what spot on your boot, and how much pressure is exerted on the ball by your strike.

If I tried tracking the emotional response of my wife every time I say “Yes dear,” while also tracking the speed and pitch with which I say it, I’m not sure either of us could derive much meaningful perspectives on the subject.   …and it would also result in being beat upside the head by my survey.

Establishing a report and keeping an open dialogue can only help build up good will and empathy.  Two things vital to pulling off these two-person 360 no-scope maneuvers.  Some people click immediately, others will take time to build a common ground, but working with other perspectives and feelings is not some “luck of the draw” skill.  I believe it can be built between two, or even greater numbers of people.

I’ll take my lumps, but sometimes persistence pays off.

-James Schoenster
Co-founder of Cerebral Cellar







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